The fascinating Walchsee area

The Kaiserwinkl region of Tyrol, including the towns of Kössen, Walchsee, Schwendt and Rettenschöss, presents a small example of the enchanting surroundings for which Tyrol is famed. Charming, sweeping landscapes with majestic mountains, refreshing lakes, deep valleys and broad plains create the ideal ingredients that enable you to count on a memorable stay at any time of the year. Walchsee, where the Wittlinger Therapy Center is located, is situated at the center of the triangle connecting Salzburg, Innsbruck and Munich. 


Summer in Kaiserwinkl is a time of activity, recreation, enjoyment and regeneration. Walchsee offers the ideal surroundings for enjoying memorable hikes with all the family. This landscape of incomparable beauty is well known as a vacation venue, providing opportunities for numerous activities and sports, including mountain biking, golf, swimming, rafting and much more.In Kaiserwinkl/Tyrol, families will find all the ingredients for the ideal summer vacation with children: variety, excitement, adventure – and just the right proportion of quiet.


During the winter months, Walchsee appears as if swaddled in cotton candy. Forests covered in deep snow, ice crystals glittering in the warm sunshine, and the crisp, clean air make for an oasis offering relaxation and enjoyment. Kaiserwinkl offers a broad choice of winter activities. Skiing and snowboarding fans especially, beginners and advanced, will discover much to make their stay more than worthwhile. The Zahmer Kaiser ski region near Walchsee features countless kilometers of ski slopes, all kept perfectly groomed, for every level of ability. The professional skiing instructors here help youngsters enjoy an unforgettable experience as they take their first turns in the snow, while their parents are allowed to relax with a mug of hot tea.

The Tyrol quality seal for cross country ski trails was awarded to the region in 2009 by the Tyrol state government and is valid for three winter seasons. Cross country trails, encompassing some 150 kilometers in the Kaiserwinkl region, let hikers from Walchsee explore a breathtaking winter landscape on skis. After the slopes and trails, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and enjoy a romantic carriage ride around the lake, or take a leisurely stroll along one of the many cleared paths leading through the dreamy, snow-covered winter landscape.