Our medical records for the Lymphedema Clinic at the Wittlinger Therapy Center

Where possible please bring your recent medical records (dating back the last three months) for your stay at the Wittlinger Therapy Center. 

Our doctors also need the following detailed information on the current state of your health:

  • The most recent oncologic findings (for cancer patients)
  • Recent blood chemistry including CRP and electrolytes (dating back no more than three weeks)
  • Recent cardiology findings (dating back no more than three months) for patients with known cardiac problems
  • Don’t forget to bring any long-term medication you will need during your (three-week) stay
  • In case you have open wounds, such as fistula, ulcers or festering sores, you will need dressing or bandaging material for three weeks!
  • Also bring your most recent compression stockings.
  • Please … do not have any new ones fitted prior to your stay at this clinic!