How many therapy sessions per day?

At the beginning of your residential stay at the Wittlinger Therapy Center in Tyrol’s Kaiserwinkl area you will be examined by a doctor. The extent and number of daily therapy sessions will be arranged in consultation with our physicians. You will receive at least one hour of Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) per day as individual therapy. Usually you will be bandaged after this MLD session to further improve its result. The daily minimum of therapy time is two hours from Monday to Friday and includes both individual and group therapy sessions. 

Private patients are also free to choose from our large range of therapy options in addition to lymphatic drainage. For instance, we offer acupuncture massages, singing, bowls therapies, classic massages or physiotherapeutic treatments for back or neck pain.You may also attend our varied program of gymnastic activities from Monday to Friday. Our doctors will provide recommendations on which programs to join.