Medical pedicure for lymphedema patients

We don’t usually give our feet the attention they deserve. Many find it a bit of a bother to pay extra attention to their feet or even pamper them. Yet, ailing feet can be alarm symptom warning of an overall physical condition. It is therefore all the more important to take care of your feet and spoil them with special treatment from time to time. 

What is a medical pedicure?

Unlike conventional, everyday foot care, medical pedicure refers to the examination and treatment of disorders affecting the feet and toenails by a qualified specialist. A medical pedicure complements medical treatment of foot ailments by preventing foot disorders, and can be a valuable support in healing.

Under the care of our pedicurist Katharina Exenberger, you will find yourself in the best of hands at the Wellness & Beauty Institute in the Wittlinger Therapy Center. Professional treatment is provided for conditions including pressure sores, calluses, corns, cracks in the skin, warts, toenail fungus, ingrown toenails, clubbing of the nails plus many other toenail and foot problems. Health insurers do not reimburse the expense of a medical pedicure, regretfully.  

30-minutes medical pedicure including diagnosis - EUR 43,00

60-minutes medical pedicure including diagnosis - EUR 68,00

Surcharge for nail varnish - EUR 5,50

Prices for various special treatments, such as nail bracing, orthotics or toenail correction, as agreed on consultation. 

Manicure: 30 min - EUR 43,00

Varnish: EUR 5,50